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Solving the hybrid cloud challenge. Most workloads do not belong in a public cloud. Many customers want the benefits of a public cloud with the performance, latency and security of dedicated infrastructure. Our turnkey solution is easy to deploy and consume whether on or off-premises, allowing customers to meet their hybrid cloud needs using a single technology stack. The same flexibility, ease of use, convenience, look and feel as the public cloud from inside the firewall.

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The building blocks to a turnkey
intelligent cloud platform
Explore The Intelligent Cloud
The Intelligent Cloud is a result of over 1 million person-hours of development. Our team has built an intelligent turnkey cloud platform, including an automation framework, machine learning, AI, federated identity provider, middleware, remote installation, as well as user-related functionalities such as end-user and service provider/reseller portals, user collaboration, advanced billing and metering, separate API layer, integration testing and app center.
At our core, we provide value to our customers on top of the cutting edge of technology, without compromising stability or security. Our software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to build systems that self heal, repair, troubleshoot and prevent issues. Our automation framework leverages container technology for platform management to provide isolation and repeatability to our software build, test, and deployment processes.
User Portal
Virtual resource management
Multi-language single portal for multiple cloud environments and projects
Metering and Billing
Partner Portal
User account management
Set resource quotas
Keep track of resources consumption
Visualize revenue stream and manage invoices
Automate support tasks
Virtual Machines
Scalable and resizable compute resources
On demand and self service access
Multiple flavors available to support a large variety of workloads
Hourly metering and billing
Ceph storage platform with built-in redundancy
Store and work with data efficiently and safely
Block storage
Object storage
Storage snapshots
Software defined networking technology
Networks and routers
Floating IPs and security groups
Load Balancers (LBaaS)
High-performance computing clusters
Single tenant, dedicated hardware for performance, security, dependability and other regulatory requirements
Computing tasks that require access to hardware devices which can’t be virtualized
Database hosting (some databases run poorly on a hypervisor)Rapidly deploying a cloud infrastructure
Manage and deploy containers
Run containerized applications
Orchestrate applications
Automate deployment, scaling and management of containers
DR & Backups
Distributed backup, restore and disaster recovery as a service platform
Multi OS (Linux, Windows, OSX, BSD)
Block and file based backups
Incremental backups
Point-in-time actions
Jobs synchronization
Cerebro is an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform for servers, applications and machines that heals, repairs, troubleshoots and prevents issues.
Cerebro is comprised of nine main components:
Logging, Monitoring System, Proctor, Smarty, Solver, Beetle, Neuron, Ormuco Artifical Network System and Agent.
Meter multiple metrics such as CPU utilization, disk IOPS and networking
Available through portals or APIs
Metering per project for cost center tooling and management
Integrated payment
Hourly billing
Processes payments and invoices
Available through portals or API
Ability to sign up using different payment methods
Ormuco uses Trove, the Database as a Service for OpenStack. This service allows users to quickly and easily utilize the features of a relational or non-relational database without the burden of handling complex administrative tasks. Cloud users and database administrators can provision and manage multiple database instances as needed. The service focuses on providing resource isolation at high performance while automating complex administrative tasks including deployment, configuration, patching, backups, restores, and monitoring.
App Center
PaaS and SaaS application catalogue
Browse, search and consume applications
Certification Engine Integration
ISV can certify and publish applications
Deploy to any Ormuco federated cloud
Publisher Portal
Manager Apps Center Items
Allows for ISVs to publish their software
Certification Engine
Revenue Stream Monitoring
Version Management / Patch Management
Secure Repository
Identity Provider
Provides federated cloud SSO (Single Sign-On)
Resilient, highly-available global infrastructure
Complete Keystone compatibility
State of the art SAML 2.0 implementation
Extends SSO beyond the cloud
Control availability and costs
Scale up or down based on your predefined parameters
Manage multiple projects using a single account
Share projects with as many users are needed
Management and control of roles and permissions
All-in-one installer
Fully automated installer for Ormuco’s software stack
Container based deployment of entire stack using Ansible
Enables complete deployment in hours
Rolling upgrades of all services
Extensible and easily adaptable
Enables developing business logic against OpenStack APIs
Provides consistent APIs across OpenStack releases
Flexible/ Customizable
Intercepts and filters API requests
Certification engine
Publisher security
Audits application containers for vulnerability issues
Uses CVEs to accurately identify vulnerabilities
Provides a trust level to a SaaS offering
Integrates ISV vulnerability resolution support
Extensible with any CLI based security tools
API Management
RESTful APIs to all products at no cost to users
Allow applications to access data, business logic and functionalities
Automate common user and admin tasks
Leverage the entire platform as a service
The workhorse of our platform
Integrates Federated Identity Provider to enable SSO
User Collaboration core
Internal platform APIs
Metering, auditing and billing
Integration Testing
Validates service availability
Service stress testing capabilities
Service status notifications
Service status and test result APIs
Configurable test frequency
The Intelligent Cloud
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are changing the way the world works today. Ormuco is transforming cloud computing with the only truly intelligent cloud, resulting in better economics, agility and streamlined operations.
Our approach to business is be agile, responsive and flexible. Our customers and partners benefit from our repeatable expertise, technical resources, quick time to market and significant cost savings, turning challenges into opportunities.
Our relationship with customers goes beyond software licensing. We offer a consumption model where customers are removed from lifecycle management. Our software manages, operates and monitors the platform so that you can focus on added value business outcomes. Our self-healing systems and automation tools allow for quick and efficient cloud deployments while ensuring that clients benefit from continuous upgrades to their platforms.
Service catalogue
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
Dedicated and Virtual Servers
Containers (Docker)
Extensible APIs
Software Defined Storage (Block and Object)
App Center
Software Defined Networking
– Virtual Private Cloud
– Virtual Routers
– Load Balancing as a Service
– DNS as a Service
– VPN as a Service
– Provider Networks
Bare Metal Provisioning
Security Groups
Keypairs and Disk Images
Backup as a Service
DR as a service