Edge PaaS and Decentralization

Get all the benefits of distributed systems from our single, unified, and intelligent platform.

Understand Edge Computing

It’s all happening at the edge now. You can’t address the modern infrastructure challenges with the cloud in mind. Here’s how Ormuco Edge PaaS & Decentralization will help you win the game!

One Platform for All Your Edge Projects

With Ormuco Edge PaaS and Decentralization, the possibilities are endless.


Dynamic Workloads

Deliver interactive apps to roaming users with optimal load and response times.



Build your secure, distributed database for cryptocurrency transactions.


IoT Apps

Offer your clients the full benefits of 5G networks with edge-native services.


Data Analytics

Build real business intelligence by collecting more data at the edge of the network.



Stream without a glitch with a platform that guarantees the fastest transfers and processing.

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Build, Deploy, and Sell Services from a Single Platform

The Ormuco Edge PaaS and Decentralization solution is a unique, end-to-end platform for all your fog computing, edge computing and decentralization needs.

Compatible with Any Edge Equipment
Developer Tools, APIs & Marketplace
Microservices, Containers and Kubernetes
Approval Workflows & Incremental Updates
Automated Service Provisioning
Advanced Billing Engine

Accelerate Your Services at the Edge of the Network

This is no longer the future, the decentralization era has already started. Don’t stay behind. With Ormuco Edge PaaS and Decentralization, you are equipped to start delivering at the edge!

Manage Thousands of Edge Servers

With distributed computing, efficiently managing multiple sites becomes a top challenge. Our Ormuco Decentralization platform resolves the matter for you, offering a unified portal from where you can deploy, monitor and automate your edge gateways.
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Serve Your Clients from the Closest Location

Escape the internet bottleneck by deploying your services where your customers are consuming them. Our Ormuco Edge PaaS platform dynamically installs your applications to edge gateways based on customer demand. Because your services no longer need to suffer transfers over the internet, the load and response times are shorter.

Enable True Horizontal Scalability

The cloud has shown its limitations when it comes to performance and network latency. With the Ormuco Edge PaaS solution, you can automatically balance your loads with other edge nodes, instead of bursting to the cloud during peak usage. This enhances your user experience.

Streamline Your Authentication Process for Mobility

Mobile networks provide continuous connectivity on the devices. Technically, mobility means smart devices “roam” from a base station (or edge gateway) to another. Ormuco Edge PaaS enhances your user experience with services that do not need to re-authenticate users when they are in motion.

Offer a Larger Selection of Service Locations with Data Compliance

There is no longer any geographical limitations, so you can deploy your services to multiple cities, regions, countries and continents. Ormuco Decentralization lets you collect, store and process data in the original location, so you won’t have to worry about compliance with local regulations.