Use Cases

Tap into the power of a feature-rich platform and deliver outstanding edge-native services.

Anything as a Service

Our software solution responds to any data-related challenges for any industry. Whether you build services for your own business or your clients, you can rely on Ormuco to deliver high performance and true innovation.

With Ormuco Software, Any Enterprise Will

  •  Solve the latency, bandwidth and data privacy challenges that public cloud can’t
  •  Virtualize compute, storage and network with commodity or high-end hardware
  •  Strengthen their disaster recovery strategy

With Ormuco Software, Service Providers Will

  • Get a white-label solution with built-in billing, support, and feed-back options
  • Build rock-solid IaaS, PaaS and SaaS regional or global offerings
  • Tap into distributed computing to increase revenue


With Ormuco Software, Developers Will

Build and release cloud and IoT applications with:

  • Restful APIs
  • Built-in marketplace
  • Containers as a Service
  • Database as a Service and more