Complete Edge Computing Lifecycle Management

Start monetizing the edge with Ormuco.
Build an edge platform and deploy applications on top.
Monitor with an intelligent virtual sysadmin.
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Get Everything You Need to Deploy Edge-Native Services

Unplug Virtual Reality

Free virtual reality from
wires and laptop backpacks.

Go Beyond Streaming

Broadcast live video without
content delivery networks.

Become an Edge Provider

Sell resources with touchless
provisioning of your infrastructure.

Ormuco turns idle infrastructure into compute nodes for developers to deploy dynamic workloads. Our edge computing solutions make application delivery more efficient for enterprise and consumer users.

  • Spawn workloads and applications in containers or virtual machines to any edge node, globally or locally.
  • Serve users from the optimal geographical location.
  • Self-heal with automated incident identification and resolution.
  • Unleash true speed with our 5G-ready platform.

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Trusted by the Fortune 500 and Multinational Leaders

Telecommunications and technology companies around the world are powered by Ormuco.

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