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What Ormuco Does

Ormuco has developed an innovative, intelligent software that unifies your edge and cloud workloads under a single platform. This turnkey, complete cloud management solution delivers powerful orchestration and edge computing capabilities by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and end-to-end automation.

What Issues Ormuco Solves

Ormuco software addresses the common challenges of adopting hyperscale public clouds such as performance, latency, data compliance and industry regulations. It delivers systems that self heal, repair, troubleshoot and prevent issues before they impact users. With Ormuco’s intelligent solutions, you’re always in control of your infrastructure needs and always ready to deliver services faster. Finally, thanks to Ormuco’s platform, you’re ready to transition to edge computing smoothly.

Ormuco Empowers Enterprises

“65% of enterprise
workloads are running
(Uptime Institute, 2017)
Most organizations are often limited or prohibited to adopt public clouds. Industry regulations and data compliance are just some of the reasons why this is happening.

An autonomous and turnkey software platform that combines and pre-packages the latest in open source technologies will help you regain control of their budget, time and resources.

Ormuco is your business’s privileged partner to build an enterprise cloud platform that is secure, fast, and autonomous, with no geographical borders.

Ormuco Empowers Service Providers

“Once you get beyond
scale, it’s all about
(Deloitte Consulting, 2018)
Whether you’re a telecommunications company, a managed service provider, a hosting company or a public cloud broker, the pressure is high on you to keep service standards at their best level.

In a very competitive market, projects have to be delivered quickly and easily. You cannot be stopped or slowed by a complex infrastructure that lacks scalability.

Ormuco’s software enables your business to deliver state-of-the-art services that can compete with the leading public cloud operators.

Ormuco Empowers DevOps

“29% of organizations
have adopted IoT.”
(Spiceworks, 2017)
More technology is surrounding humans, and this is happening thanks to dedicated DevOps teams all around the globe.

Your creativity and innovation should never be stopped by a lack of resources and agility on your infrastructure.

Ormuco’s software helps you deliver cloud-native applications with an outstanding user experience.

Ormuco Counts Satisfied Clients

All Around the Globe
“With Ormuco, we’ve got to own our assets. We don’t resell another company’s solution. We’re able to layer our solutions as our customers require.”

David Ramsaran,

Senior Manager, Business Products, Massy Technologies (Caribbean Region)
“With Ormuco, we can support 100 percent of our customers’ workloads, whether on or off premises. The private versus public cloud debate is, therefore, over.”

Luiz Carlos Faray,

IT director of B2B, Oi
“The Private and Hybrid Cloud ecosystems are growing fast, bringing great opportunities to our customers. […] With the Ormuco offering we continue our commitment to support our customers by bringing great value-add to their customers.”

Gustavo Möller-Hergt,

CEO, ALSO Holding AG

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