About Us

Ormuco is an innovative edge computing company with a global outreach.

Our Mission

Ormuco’s mission is to be a leader in the deployment of edge
computing as the preferred solution for data processing.


From Foundation to Today

Cloud computing has brought many innovations to life over the past decade.

In 2013, when most of Ormuco’s competitors were focusing on centralizing data processing systems (cloud computing), Ormuco decided to take a different approach.

The company developed a decentralized data processing system providing real-time solutions to local and global businesses. This technology is known as edge computing.

Ormuco has more edge computing solutions use cases than anyone else in the industry. Our edge computing platform is now being used at the core of many programs to resolve business problems of today and the future.

Ormuco works with a pool of leading global telecommunications companies with a combined customer base of over 250 million users. Ormuco has also partnered with  global technology firms, such as Europe’s third largest ICT distributor with over 100,000 users.

Ormuco’s projects are delivered across industries such as media & entertainment, energy, mining, technology, retail, education, banking, construction, healthcare, utilities, and others.

Meet Our Executive Team


Orlando Bayter

CEO & Founder

Orlando founded Ormuco in 2008, when he was only 24 years old. Orlando has led the company from a telecommunications service provider to becoming a global leader in intelligent cloud software. Prior to Ormuco, Orlando founded several startups since the age of 14 and worked for several years as an IT consultant to large businesses and government clients.


Breno Lima

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Global Strategy

Breno has over 12 years of extensive business development, strategy and leadership experience. Prior to Ormuco, Breno was part of the leadership team in a financial services startup, playing a highly successful part in building the firm, from its entrepreneurial inception to becoming one of Canada’s fastest growing independent investment managers.


Nicolas Lévesque

Vice President, Finance

Nicolas was born with a passion for numbers, majoring in accounting and finance at McGill University and later obtaining his CPA.

Over the last decade, Nicolas has proven his expertise in audit, financial analysis, process improvement and financing.

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