Cerebro, Your Virtual Systems Administrator

Identify and classify incidents from logs. Automate resolution with machine learning.

Prevent Downtime on Your Apps and Systems

The average cost for a single hour of downtime exceeds US$100,000 for 98% of businesses, says ITIC’s 2019 Global Server Hardware, Server OS Reliability Survey report. Can you afford that loss? Can you retain your customers with a tarnished reputation?

Cerebro Automates Your Monitoring

Stop being a firefighter. Prevention starts with understanding your environment, especially the dependencies between networks, systems, databases, applications and usage.


Any Operating System Logs

Whatever operating system your computer or edge node is running on, Cerebro is able to collect the logs.


Any Application Logs

Collect any application logs. Cerebro learns how your application behaves and spots anomalies.


Multiple Data Sources

Cerebro loves data. Configure it for all your environments and see the magic happen  from a single console.


Alerts & Notifications

Get notified by email or in your Slack channel whenever a new type of incident is detected.


Should Your Headcount Grow with Your Infrastructure?

Cerebro Enables Self-Healing


Incident Prioritization

Cerebro is clever enough to classify your events and set their severity accordingly. Each severity has a color assigned for better identification.


Problem Analysis

Cerebro observes incident occurrences, records timelines, and builds correlations that may have gone unnoticed by your team.


Automated Resolution

Cerebro not only creates and updates incidents for you, but also will resolve them using your own API calls.


Knowledge Base

Cerebro becomes your knowledge base. You can edit the incidents’ content and submit resolution procedures.

How Is Cerebro Powered?

We are able to deliver this feature by integrating stable and trusted open-source projects such as TensorFlow into our code.

Cerebro Uses Data Mining

With artificial intelligence, Cerebro collects, classifies, and analyzes your log data. Feed Cerebro with any log format and watch its model generate insights within hours.

Cerebro Uses Machine Learning

Cerebro learns how your application, system, or database behaves in order to catch what rules-based monitoring can’t. With keywords from incidents, Cerebro then updates its built-in knowledge base.

Want to Learn More about AI & ML?

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