Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

For small to hyperscale-style infrastructure as a service, with bare metal, virtual machines, containers and more.

Ormuco IaaS at a Glance

Put Your Infrastructure at Work

Docker Containers

Get the full power and benefits of microservices within your infrastructure.


Augment your potential with the most popular container orchestration system.


True innovation comes from using the most recent and stable version of the platform as an engine.


Multiply the capability of your firewalls, routers and load balancers with virtualization.

Server & Storage

Provide highly scalable infrastructure with both commodity and high-range equipment.

Set Your Service Levels High… and Deliver!

Reaching your 99.999% availability SLA is possible with Ormuco IaaS.


Unleash the Power of Software-Defined Everything

Diversify your infrastructure with different virtualization options. Choose between virtual machines or bare metal deployment. There are no limitations with Ormuco IaaS. Whether you implement single-tenant or multi-tenant architectures, you will always win.
Oversee your infrastructure from the User Portal where you create, set and manage any resource.

Get Free from Boring Operation Tasks

How many employees do you need to monitor and maintain your systems? This will no longer be a restraining question for your projects. Our Ignite feature automates your operations so you can focus on making revenue, not fixing issues. You can add as many systems and sites as you want without fearing to lose control.

Never Get Short of Performance

Enable auto-scaling so the platform can add new servers and network components that automatically balance the load during peak usage. Your services will never stop because of a lack of resources. And after the peak time, the system will scale down by removing unused components itself. There is no human intervention needed.

Prepare for the Worst and Migrate Easily

For many businesses, data archiving is a top concern because of compliance. For others, it is business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). Create snapshots, schedule off-site backups, restore to another environment: all these are possible with Ormuco IaaS. Use the features to clone or migrate your systems seamlessly.
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Charge Services Accurately

Service providers know how hard it is to charge the right fee for their services. Ormuco IaaS comes with a robust metering feature, so your customers will never experience bill shock. For any enterprise, this will help budget your operations better.

Create the Future

  • From within Ormuco IaaS, develop your new technologies, test them and make them available to your customers.
  • With RESTFul APIs, add as many features as you want by integrating popular solutions with yours.
  • Deliver web, mobile and IoT applications that will change the world.
  • Popular development platforms such as WordPress can be installed directly from the Marketplace.
  • The platform integrates SQL and NoSQL databases served “as a service”, so you won’t have to install full servers to host your DBMS.

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Ormuco IaaS Includes Features for Service Providers of Any Kind

Partner Portal

Enjoy Great Customer Service Options

See Ormuco IaaS support features in this short video.

Ormuco IaaS Includes Everything to Develop and Publish Great Apps

App Center (Marketplace)
Database as a Service (DBaaS)

See It in Action

Here is a short video of the basic built-in features of Ormuco IaaS.

Ormuco in the Edge Computing Landscape

Ormuco software will help you expand your business opportunities. Boost your workloads with real-time analytics powered by edge computing.

Automated IoT Gateway & Cloudlet Deployment
Serverless Infrastructure Approach
Ready for 5G Networks & Mobile Assets
Seamless Authentication Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting to a hyperscaler public cloud is not required with Ormuco IaaS. Ormuco has established partnerships in various markets with regional partners that provide public cloud or pay-as-you-go services, providing an identical user experience without the need for any 3rd partner cloud management platforms.
When our clients find that they can run both Windows and Linux VMs without a heavy VMware tax, they start with small workloads and build a base of cost savings. There is no benefit to integrate the Ormuco IaaS with VMware. VMware’s virtualization model requires multiple products and licences to be able to deliver the automation and orchestration that you can find in a cloud native platform such as ours. Paying multiple licensing fees for 2 cloud platforms will be quite expensive. In addition, the Ormuco IaaS platform comes with zero-touch management for its users. With a traditional virtualization platform, IT resources are still required to manage the various components of the cloud infrastructure. Rather than dedicating these resources to simply managing an infrastructure and keeping the lights on, we believe it’s beneficial and more cost effective to re-assign these resources to delivering positive business outcomes for its users, whether internal or external. 
Yes. Ormuco IaaS has the ability to federate multiple clouds and enable interoperability between different regions in a single unified platform with it’s single sign-on and identity provider services.
Ormuco’s licensing model is an all-in-one license model encompassing the management and operations of the platform, all the services available in the Ormuco IaaS, 24/7 support and updates. From a VM perspective, we recommend BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence) for Windows operating systems.
Ormuco’s platform is built with the latest and greatest of open source technology. Generally, our customers own or procure hardware for their cloud project and Ormuco provides the platform through a licensing model. However, we understand that some customers may have specific financial budgetary constraints as it relates to an CapEx or OpEx model. We’re dedicated to ensuring that we can meet our customers financial requirements and have the flexibility to ensure our partnership is a success for all parties. We also have a global partner ecosystem that can benefit our customers too..
Yes, you can upload any image to Ormuco IaaS. You simply need to convert that image to .RAW format and then upload it to the portal. Once the image is uploaded, you can deploy a virtual machine with a couple simple clicks.
Ormuco IaaS integrates many security features, such as encryption, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, anti-DDOS protection and SSH key pair authentication, to ensure that your data and cloud environments are protected with the highest level of security.
Yes. Ormuco IaaS has many of the components required to deliver VDI or Desktops-as-a-Service including networking, storage, compute, multi-tenancy and cost control. Traditionally VDI platforms can be quite costly, however, leveraging Ormuco IaaS can significantly lower cost as a part of an organization’s complete cloud strategy by simplifying the management of traditionally multiples stacks into a single platform within the data center.
Yes. We support K8S and Docker containers.
Our auto-scale feature is tied to specific metrics within the platform that we meter which include CPU percentage utilization, disk IOPS, disk read/write, and network usage. The user can define their scale up/down threshold, the time frame and the amount of servers to associate the command to. This can also be customized with scripts than can be uploaded to the platform.
Our customer base is worldwide and includes enterprise customers, MSPs, VARs, Telcos, distributors and ISVs. Our prominent clients are Oi Brazil, ALSO, VEON, Massy and Beeline.
The answer to this question is not universal. It would be best to have a conversation with our engineering team to better understand exactly what you have built and what problems you are trying to solve.

Ormuco IaaS Is Trusted Worldwide

Ormuco IaaS fuels cloud services all around the globe. Here are some of our major customers.