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Making the World Smarter with Intelligent Software.

One Product, Multiple Solutions

Ormuco software is built with the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning and open-source software-defined compute, storage and networking. We’re able to deliver a multi-cloud management solution that can support any application projects or transformation initiatives of today’s forward-thinking organizations.

Ormuco Stack


Unified software stack
with public cloud


Includes Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning features


Best of pre-packaged
open source with rich
set of APIs


Hardware agnostic solution
that deploys in 30 days or less


Autonomous & self-healing
with seamless upgrades
& support included


Less costly alternative
to AWS, VMware, Azure Stack,Google Cloud


Covers every scenario with
containers, bare metal,
and virtual machines


white-label platform


Digital Transformation

You Can’t Achieve It with Hyperscalers like AWS

High-growth companies require their IT and DevOps teams to focus on innovation and transformation to remain competitive. This is just not possible to achieve with public cloud operators such as AWS. Not only they’re facing challenges related to performance, latency and data privacy, but also they’re constrained to high operational costs and dependency to the vendors.

Would You Invest in R&D?

A few companies will try to develop their own solutions based on open-source technologies like OpenStack, but this requires high investments in R&D. It can take years before a company finally delivers an operation platform. And still, it would need to constantly budget high CAPEX to benefit from the latest technology advancements.

Or Rely or Ormuco’s Expertise?

Ormuco has skilled resources that are dedicated to provide the best cloud orchestration software that will help companies accelerate DevOps projects and bring word-class digital services to the market in a timely fashion.

Ormuco enables innovation and high performance by leveraging a proprietary software to automate, analyze, predict and ultimately repurpose human resources to business-critical projects.

Data Privacy
Edge Computing
Seamless Integration

Edge Computing

Don’t Just Connect to the Edge, Bring Cloud Computing to the Edge

As demand for IoT, wearable devices and artificial intelligence grows, the computing power required to drive data and action needs to be available ‘at the edge’ of the network. IoT, real time data applications, VR, blockchain and emerging technologies require a decentralized approach to computing.

The Edge Device Paradigm

Any weight, size, heat or energy consumption

Real-time computation

High throughput of data

Access to cloud data center

Near- edge

One-site, small-scale (cloudlet)

Ormuco enables the core functions of Edge Computing by leveraging a codeless infrastructure model and a unified platform to create flexibility and high performance. There’s no need for unnecessary services that consume resources and cause delays.

How Ormuco Brings Edge Computing into a Reality for You

With Ormuco software, you can achieve more for your business.

Best Performance

Improve data processing and decrease latency by leveraging automation
Reduce manual management of multiple clouds/cloudlets

Best Uptime

Ensure uninterrupted connectivity and roaming between edge devices, cloudlets and cloud
Change endpoints automatically whether in a regional data center, Cloudlet or edge device

Best Security

Ensure security of data as it’s been transferred
Transparent encrypted roaming via Ormuco ID Protocol
Connect from an edge device to a cloudlet or regional data center with seamless discovery and authentication
Transfer of personal data is restricted creating a safer pathway

Advanced Intelligence

Analyzes logs, prevents and resolve issues before they occur

Modernization of Legacy Applications

Transform Your Business through Modernization

Most companies with traditional systems and applications have a dilemma:

• Either they continue to run expensive hardware-centric systems with high operating, support and licensing costs.
• Or they replace and consolidate legacy IT systems into a single platform, which requires advanced expertise

Ormuco Stack Eases Infrastructure & Application Modernization

DevOps and IT teams are taking advantage of the Ormuco Stack platform to provide businesses with containerized traditional and cloud-native applications in a unified approach.


Seamless Transition






Lower TCO Thanks to Automation


Ormuco Hybrid Cloud

Not Just Another Cloud Broker

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud cannot be used for all workloads. Where data sovereignty, data privacy and compliance matters, on-premises workloads prevail. Telecom companies and service providers need to be able to respond to the specific needs of their local, regional or country-wide markets, with private and hybrid cloud offers.

Ormuco Stack, a Multi-Cloud Management Solution

With a hybrid cloud driven approach, Ormuco eases the repatriation of data and workloads from public cloud operators, thanks to its multi-cloud management software. Ormuco Stack helps you offer the cloud services your customers need, with the performance, security and scalability they’re expecting.

Hybrid Cloud with Ormuco Stack

Flexible deployment options for diverse workloads
Single platform to manage multiple clouds
Software-defined hardware optimization
Multi-technology orchestration
Streamlined deployment & operations
Enterprise-grade user experience

Ormuco Stack Is Trusted Worldwide

Ormuco Stack fuels cloud services all around the globe. Here are some of our major customers.