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Solving the hybrid cloud challenge. Most workloads do not belong in a public cloud. Many customers want the benefits of a public cloud with the performance, latency and security of dedicated infrastructure. Our turnkey solution is easy to deploy and consume whether on or off-premises, allowing customers to meet their hybrid cloud needs using a single technology stack. The same flexibility, ease of use, convenience, look and feel as the public cloud from inside the firewall.

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)
This contract is between Ormuco and its affiliates (“Ormuco”, “us”, “we”, “our”) and cloud service customers of Ormuco (“Customer”, “you”, “user”).
This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) defines the minimum level of service Ormuco is obligated to provide to its Customers using its cloud services and is a part of the Customer Agreement between Customer and Ormuco.
This Agreement is applicable to any Customer of Ormuco that meets the following criteria:
The Customer (or any authorized signing entity on behalf of the Customer) has signed and authorized a valid Purchase Order which meets the minimum requirements of Ormuco.
This contract and all sections thereof, represent the SLA between Ormuco and its Customers. All other communication, whether written, verbal, electronic, or otherwise, should be considered null and void upon qualification for admittance into this Agreement, except where such communication is referenced specifically within the terms of this Agreement.
“Claim” refers to a claim submitted by you to us pursuant to this SLA where the Service Level has (allegedly) not been met and that a Service Credit may be due to Customer.
“Cloud Portal” is the platform by which the Customers accesses the Ormuco Cloud Services.
“Cloud Services” refers to every Service provided by Ormuco through the Cloud Portal.
“Customer” refers to the organization that has signed an agreement (“Agreement”) under which it has purchased Ormuco’s services (“Services”).
“Customer Agreement” is the holistic contract between Ormuco and Customer covering the entirety of obligations, rights and terms of the relationship between the parties.
“Customer Support” is the services by which Ormuco may provide assistance to Customer to resolve issues with the Services.
“External Connectivity” is the bi-directional network traffic over supported protocols that can be sent and received from a public IP address.
“Incident” refers any set of circumstances resulting in a failure to meet a Service Level.
“Ormuco” refers to the Ormuco entity that signed your Customer Agreement.
“Monthly Recurring Charge” refers to the charge invoiced by us to you on a monthly basis for the Service, exclusive of any variable charges based upon Customer usage.
“Purchase Order” is the contract signed by Customer for the purchase of Ormuco Services.
“Response Time” refers to the initial time targets to receive an initial response from Ormuco.
“Service Credit” is the percentage of the billing period service fee for the affected Service that is credited to Customer for a validated Claim.
“Service Level” refers to the standards that Ormuco chooses to adhere to and by which we measure the level of Service that we provide for each feature as specified herein.
Cloud Services
Ormuco assures Customer 99.95% uptime availability of the Ormuco Cloud Services.

“Cloud Services” refer to every service provided by Ormuco through the Cloud Portal (or “Portal”). Every other Cloud Service that is not explicitly available through the Portal and can be derived through a direct connection to the OpenStack API is not covered by this SLA. We will use reasonable effort to provide the greatest availability for these services. The Cloud Services available through Portal are:

  • Creation, modification and deletion of instances
  • Operations on instances (shutdown, reboot, reset, resize, snapshot and rebuild)


  • Creation, modification, deletion and cloning of volumes
  • Operation on volumes (attach, detach)

Virtual Networking

  • Creation, modification and deletion of networks and subnets
  • Creation, modification and deletion of routers
  • Creation, modification and deletion of security groups
  • Creation and deletion of floating IPs
  • Creation, modification and deletion of load balancers
  • Creation, modification and deletion of DNS

Object Storage

  • Creation, modification and deletion of containers
  • Creation and deletion of objects

Cloud Services Uptime
“Maximum Service Uptime” is the total accumulated minutes during a billing period for Cloud Service.
“Maximum Connectivity Minutes” is measured from the moment the Cloud Service has been launched officially in production or from the start of the billing period if the service has already been launched.
“Service Downtime” is the total amount of minutes (rounded to the closest whole unit) where the Cloud Service was unavailable to the user during the billing period.
“Monthly Service Uptime Percentage” is the percentage of time where the Cloud Service was available during the billing period for the Customer. The uptime of all the Cloud Services listed above is subject to this SLA. The uptime is measured by the availability of the Cloud Services to the user. The uptime is measured using the following formula:
Monthly Service Uptime Percentage = (Maximum Service Uptime – Service Downtime) / Maximum Service Uptime
If the Monthly Service Uptime Percentage for one or more user is lower than the stated threshold in the table below, then the Customer is awarded a credit on his/her invoice up to the amount specified.

Monthly Service Uptime Percentage Service Credit*
<99.95% 10%
<99% 25%
*Service credit applies only to one billing period
A 99.95% uptime of servers is assured, except when the duration of the unavailability is caused by the Customer (service maintenance, data centre interruption of services or instabilities due to the application not supported by us).
Data centre interruptions of services due to unforeseen emergency and planned maintenances to services are exempted of this warranty.
The software stack for Ormuco refers to the pieces of software used to operate the Cloud Portal. These may be installed on or off premise and are used to operate the Ormuco Cloud Platform.
The software stack receives updates regularly in order to provide new functionality or to improve the Portal. The updates received may be major or minor. A major update is defined by the release of a new feature or a modification that significantly changes how the software behaves. A minor update can be a small improvement over an existing functionality or a correction on a behavior of the software. Ormuco reserves the right to qualify an update as minor or major.
For major releases, which typically happen every six (6) months, Ormuco requires time to update its platform to ensure compatibility and test the upgrade path to ensure a smooth upgrade process. Ormuco will notify the Customer when the upgrade is ready, communicate its impact, and work with the Customer to schedule the upgrade to minimize impact to end customers and workloads. Ormuco, cannot guarantee in advance of the release what the upgrade impact will be.
For minor patch releases, which happen on an as-needed basis, we will notify you within one (1) week of their release, if Ormuco deems the update important to incorporate into its product. Patch releases typically include only bug fixes, do not alter functionality or APIs, and can be applied with minimal impact on customer workload. Ormuco will inform the Customer of its schedule to apply patch releases to the Customer environment and indicate what, if any, impact is expected from the update.

Service Level Coverage
Access to Ormuco Support team: 24/7
Monitoring system in real time: 24/7
Customer has access to a secured Online Support Portal, where they can submit, update, track and close their cases or requests.
When you log on to our Client Web Portal, you can easily:

  • Initiate a request for service calls which can be entered 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Initiate special service request

Ormuco technicians are also able to update call status and solutions and report on-site activities at all times – giving the Customer near real-time access to account information.

Type Service Quality Impact Response Time
Critical Unexpected

Major Client
< 15 minutes
Major Urgent and

Client business
< 4 hours
Minor Pro-active/
< 24 hours

Ormuco will lead the staff on the Customer data centre to check the physical environment such as power connections and cabling.

Service Credit Claim Process

In order to initiate a claim for Service Credit, Customer must contact our finance department within five (5) days after the end of the month for which credit is requested. The Service Credit request must provide:

  1. The Customer name and contact information;
  2. The date and beginning/end time of the claimed outage or failed metric; and
  3. A brief description of the characteristics of the claimed outage or failed metric.

Customer will be notified via e-mail (at his/her registered email address with Ormuco) upon resolution of the request. If rejected, the notification will specify the basis for rejection. If approved, we will issue Service Credit to your account, appearing on the next invoice issued. Multiple Service Credits will not be given for the same period of time; i.e. failure to meet multiple criteria during a period of time generates only a single Service Credit. The total number of all Service Credits for all failures to meet Service Levels in a given month may not exceed the total Monthly Recurring Charge actually paid by Customer for Service during that billing period. The credits are capped at four percent (4%) of the revenues generated and paid to Ormuco by the Customer over the last twelve (12) months. Service Credits will be credited against a Customer’s billing period payment for Monthly Recurring Charges and may not be received in the form of a refund.
No credit is available for a Customer:

  1. That is blocking Ormuco from monitoring Customer’s premises equipment;
  2. That does not provide the necessary access to personnel and facilities at the Customer’s premises to enable us to perform comprehensive troubleshooting; or
  3. Whose account is not in good financial standing with us.

If Ormuco approves the Credit claim due to lack of conformity of the installation warranty, the Service Claim will cover the first billing period of the Monthly Recurring Charges, excluding the cost of installation or other costs of start-up or material.


We shall not be liable for our failure to adhere and/or meet the Service Level due to any one of the following:

  1. Failure in cloud services not explicitly available through the portal and derived through direct connection to the OpenStack API;
  2. Non-availability of the internet links or bandwidth congestion of the link provided by the Customer;
  3. The root cause of the failure or service interruption is the result of users violating the Terms and Conditions of Service or by unsupported or malicious user activity; and
  4. The duration of the unavailability is caused by the Customer (service maintenance, data centre interruption of services or instabilities due to the applications not supported by Ormuco).
  5. Force Majeure conditions such as natural disasters, state of war, acts of terrorism, or other unforeseen, unpredictable, or disrupting events that are beyond the reasonable control of Ormuco and which negatively impact our ability to fulfill the obligations of the Agreement herein.