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Solving the hybrid cloud challenge. Most workloads do not belong in a public cloud. Many customers want the benefits of a public cloud with the performance, latency and security of dedicated infrastructure. Our turnkey solution is easy to deploy and consume whether on or off-premises, allowing customers to meet their hybrid cloud needs using a single technology stack. The same flexibility, ease of use, convenience, look and feel as the public cloud from inside the firewall.

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A turnkey intelligent cloud stack 
from your datacenter of choice
Ormuco Stack
Built with the latest in AI, machine learning and open-source software-defined
compute, storage and network, this turnkey fully featured cloud platform provides a
world-class experience, engineered around open design and end-to-end automation.
Get started today with Ormuco Stack, the intelligent cloud platform
Ormuco delivers an intelligent turnkey solution including compute, storage, networking with a fully-managed software stack.
Private and Public do not matter anymore
The public versus private cloud debate is over. Ormuco Stack allows users to achieve the right balance between flexibility and control, meeting technical, business and regulatory requirements. Businesses can choose where they want their workloads and how their clouds are delivered. Our turnkey solution brings the best of both worlds with a single technology stack
Forget cloud construction, focus on consumption
Building and operating datacenter & cloud infrastructure requires significant investment of knowledge, resources, and time, resulting in unpredictable results. These challenges often disrupt the goal of an agile and cost efficient cloud platform. Benefit from our repeatable expertise and automation framework to quickly deploy and consume on or off-premises.
Accelerating innovation within your organization
Going much further than traditional virtualization, Ormuco Stack allows customers to benefit from the next generation of cloud technology. Automation, self-service and software-defined everything, allow businesses to move quickly and capitalize on innovation within their markets
Empowering businesses by making it simple
Ormuco is transforming cloud computing by leveraging a truly intelligent cloud, using automation, AI and machine learning to efficiently manage, operate, self heal, troubleshoot, repair and prevent issues. IT departments are back in control as a service provider to their organization while focusing on added value projects that drive direct business results.
Flexible business model, pay for what you use
With Ormuco Stack, customers only pay for what they use. Software licensing is based on server utilisation. A global network of public cloud and virtual private cloud providers is also available with extended consumption options for off-premises deployments. This allows you to adopt cloud computing at your own terms, inside your firewall.
Cost Savings
Our automation framework and operational efficiency leveraging AI and machine learning result in significant cost benefits to our users. Average cost savings in TCO against proprietary virtualization software is upwards of 40% while provisioning service tickets and wait time for infrastructure is reduced by 90%.
Over 1 million person-hours of development and counting